Summer Course Argentine Tango

In the summer there are a lot of nice tango dance events you can go to. Meet new people and enjoy dancing outside in the sun. Locations differ in the park, on the beach and of course also inside nice venues. 

With this special Summer Course Argentine tango, Privéles Tango helps you to become a tango dancer quickly with a serie of specially created private lessons. 

About the Argentine Tango

The Argentine Tango is a dance of passion and connection. An improvised dance in which the man and woman enjoy the music together by a connected movement. Start enjoying  this beautiful dance and also get to know al lot of nice people at one of the many salons in The Netherlands.

Advantages of a private Argentine Tango lesson

  • No dance partner needed (available for both couples and single persons)
  • You will learn from an experienced dance teacher
  • You will learn in 1 hour, what you normally will learn in multiple weeks
  • 100% dedicated attention
  • flexibility in dates and time, combine with work and other activities. *

* The private lesson can be given in a studio or at your place (ex. travel expenses to your location).

Apply for a trial lesson Argentine Tango now:

  • A private Argentine Tango lesson of 60 minutes
  • A short introduction about the Argentine Tango etiquette.

Prices Summer Deal

  • 1st (trial) lesson: 45 euro
  • Single lessons of 1 hour: 50 euro
  • Summer Package 8 lessons: 350 euro
  • Students: 15% discount

More information about the summer course tango

If you are interested and like more information about the private lessons Argentine tango. Please contact us and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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semi private tango lesson

Starting with Semi Private tango lessons

Due to the question of some students, we will start with semi private tango lessons. A semi private tango lesson is a lesson with a small group of a maximum of 4 couples. Therefore there will still be plenty of room for individual attention of the teacher and at the same time there will be a nice friendly and safe environment.

Start enjoying  this beautiful dance and also get to know al lot of nice people at one of the many salons in The Netherlands.

Advantages of a Semi Private Tango lesson

  • Small group so intimate and cosy
  • Still a lot of dedicated attention, you will advance quicker

Prices of the tango lessons

  • Price per course of 8 lessons: 160 euro (= 20 euro per person per lesson)

Time and place

Location: Keizersgracht 221, Amsterdam (beautiful salon)
Dates: Tuesdays from 19.00 till 20.00
Starting: March / April 2017

More information and registration

If you are interested and like more information please send a mail. Please contact us and we get back to you as soon as possible.

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Yes! The TANGO you can dance EVERYWHERE with EVERYONE

Last lesson a student reminded me about a very important thing that, as she explained me, a lot of people likely don’t realize. So let me explain it here. The Argentine Tango is a dance once learned you can dance EVERYWHERE with EVERYONE. 

Learning the Argentine tango is like learning a new language. An international one, that all tangodancers around the globe speak. I friend of mine travels around the world for work and wherever he goes he visits a local milonga (dance evening. There he can immediately dance with everyone. They dance the same Argentine tango in Buenos Aires, Amsterdam, Dubai, Singapore, Paris, etc, etc.

Just in the Netherlands there are multiple milongas organised every week. You can just go alone and visit them, don’t feel burdened to go with a partner. Most people come alone to meet new people and have a good time. (More about the milongas in my next article).

An example of a milonga in Amsterdam called Los Locos. (The anniversary party with a live music intermezzo. Pannonica Quarted playing a milonga).

So what do i have to learn?

The most important thing is to learn how to dance Argentine Tango for a salon or milonga. You can find teachers that will learn you the most advanced moves and tricks. That is nice but it wont serve you well in a milonga. Most people just like to stick to the basics and focus more on connection and enjoying the music together. The best tango dancers are spotted just ‘walking’ along the dancefloor. But the way the walk! Pure harmonie and connection with their partner. That’s the real secret! 🙂

So how much do i need to learn, before I can go and dance around? You may ask yourself. Well my advise is to follow at least one serie of private lessons (8 or 10 lessons). Then you will have more than enough experience to go to a salon and be comfortable. Remember it is not about how many fancy steps you can make. It is about if you are able to lead (for leaders) of follow (followers) well enough.

See it as learning a language. In the beginning you can have easy conversations and the more you learn you can expand your vocabulary and formulate more interesting combinations.

If you like to learn the Argentine Tango please try our trial lesson. Or if you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact me at or Twitter: @privelestango.







Gratis Argentijnse Tango workshop voor ondernemers en managers

  • Meer inspiratie
  • Meer creativiteit
  • Meer begrip  en gevoel voor dynamiek in leiden en volgen
  • Onstressing en ontspanning

Kom ook en doe gezellig mee met of zonder partner!