Summer Course Argentine Tango

In the summer there are a lot of nice tango dance events you can go to. Meet new people and enjoy dancing outside in the sun. Locations differ in the park, on the beach and of course also inside nice venues. 

With this special Summer Course Argentine tango, Privéles Tango helps you to become a tango dancer quickly with a serie of specially created private lessons. 

About the Argentine Tango

The Argentine Tango is a dance of passion and connection. An improvised dance in which the man and woman enjoy the music together by a connected movement. Start enjoying  this beautiful dance and also get to know al lot of nice people at one of the many salons in The Netherlands.

Advantages of a private Argentine Tango lesson

  • No dance partner needed (available for both couples and single persons)
  • You will learn from an experienced dance teacher
  • You will learn in 1 hour, what you normally will learn in multiple weeks
  • 100% dedicated attention
  • flexibility in dates and time, combine with work and other activities. *

* The private lesson can be given in a studio or at your place (ex. travel expenses to your location).

Apply for a trial lesson Argentine Tango now:

  • A private Argentine Tango lesson of 60 minutes
  • A short introduction about the Argentine Tango etiquette.

Prices Summer Deal

  • 1st (trial) lesson: 45 euro
  • Single lessons of 1 hour: 50 euro
  • Summer Package 8 lessons: 350 euro
  • Students: 15% discount

More information about the summer course tango

If you are interested and like more information about the private lessons Argentine tango. Please contact us and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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De snelste weg naar het goed leren tangodansen!

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